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Phineas Gage

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1267628.  Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:54 am Reply with quote

According to the Smithsonian Institution magazine, and contrary to Rhod Gilbert's recollection, the tamping rod did not remain lodged in Gage's skull. His personality change, however, is supported by contemporaneous accounts.

A photo of Gage was found about 30 years ago, but not identified as being of him until 20 years later.


1267636.  Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:59 am Reply with quote

I didn't think Rhod's account was correct, but I hadn't got round to checking it. You saved me the bother. For a man who had an iron rod blown through his head, he looks a fairly presentable chap.

1267732.  Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:58 pm Reply with quote

The scar is visible under his fringe and he's holding the tamping rod.

Mask of Gage's face beside his skull.

1267733.  Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:00 pm Reply with quote

The photo in full.

1267774.  Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:35 pm Reply with quote

Now I look, I can indeed see the scar, but compared to others who have suffered similar injuries, he looks quite well.

1332537.  Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:41 pm Reply with quote

According to research published in 2010 by Malcolm Macmillan, there is very little contemporary sources about Phineas Gage.

The main basis of the inaccuracies is an ignorance or disregard of what is contained in the primary sources about Gage, coupled with a tendency to attribute to him characteristics that belong to other cases of frontal damage.
from the abstract of "Restoring Phineas Gage: a 150th retrospective". (accessed from;1-2;FT046


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