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Rascally Robbers

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This rather unusual bank robbery happened in Copenhagen
in 1968. The bank robbers did not use violence in the robbery. Instead, they used two bamboo rods, a green poison bottle and two balloons.

The robber threatened (via a phone call) that a bottle of nitroglycerin in the bank's window would be blown up if they were not given 250,000 kroner. Shortly afterwards a trainee bank clerk was sent out and handed over just over DKK 214,000 to the robber on the opposite street corner and the robber made his escape. Behind a curtain in the bank's window stood a bottle, which, however, turned out not to contain nitroglycerin, but glycerine mixed with water. In the windows of two communal staircases in the building opposite the bank, black-painted bamboo rods, imitating rifle barrels, were placed, aiming towards the bottle in the bank. The rods were held in place by balloons on the inside. To make sure no one would remove the balloon and rod, the robber had written a note saying that it was an air pollution test and attached it to the contraptions. The robbery, which became known in the press as the 'balloon coup', was only resolved when the perpetrator later kidnapped a Tuborg director.

There are not many good sources for this one; the link below requires a Book of Faces login. It's where the text above is translated from. There's authentic photos, and it's straight from the official horse's mouth, as it were.

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Oh I love that story!


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