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82336.  Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:11 am Reply with quote

What did NASA order Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to do when they landed on the moon?

F: Moonwalk, Take photos, Play Golf, Howl, Run around

A: Have lunch, and go to sleep.

No sooner had they landed on the moon, Armstrong and Aldrin were expected to have 'a cup of tea and a lie down' after landing on the moon. They ignored the request, and went for a wander instead.

The mission planner's expectation that the crew would be able to sleep immediately after completing the first moon landing, during which Armstrong had registered a heart rate of 156 and Aldrin 125, was somewhat optimistic. They were about to step out onto another world and mission control concurred with the crew's plan to bring the moonwalk forward in the schedule. They began their preparations to go outside by donning their EVA Personal Life Support equipment.


Other sources:
It was intense," said McCandless. "When he (Armstrong) said, `The Eagle has landed,' the whole place exploded in bedlam.
"The mission control director then hushed everyone because they would have had to abort the mission immediately after landing if the module started sinking in the surface or started tipping. We didn't know for about 45 seconds to one minute if they would, but it went fine. "As they got settled, Buzz and Neil were supposed to rest for two to four hours before they went outside the module. I turned around and was going out to eat when I got word they couldn't sleep and were going ahead. I was walking back into mission control and I could see the full moon in the sky. It was an unreal situation because I knew the two guys who were on the surface right then," he said.
Bruce McCandless, Mission Controller, Denver News, 18 July 1999

Apollo 11 – the Untold Story, aired Channel 5, Thursday July 27, 2006

Immediately after landing on the Moon, Armstrong and Aldrin prepared the LM for liftoff as a contingency measure. Following the meal, a scheduled sleep period was postponed at the astronauts' request, and the astronauts began preparations for descent to the lunar surface.

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82338.  Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:16 am Reply with quote

Also, compare with the "What were the first words spoken on the moon" chat from the GI thread.

Apparently "contact light", not "the Eagle has landed".

82346.  Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:33 am Reply with quote

105:04:25 Garriott: Columbia, Houston. We will have a state vector update for you a little later. We are not prepared with it right now. And on another subject, from Tranquility Base, they are prepared to begin the EVA [that's extra-vehicular activity] early. They expect to begin Depress operations in about 3 hours at 108...approximately 108 GET [Ground Elapsed Time]. Over.

105:04:58 Collins: Sounds good to me. Tell them to eat some lunch before they go.

NASA Transcript

So maybe lunch rather than breakfast? And no sign of any recommendation to sleep, although those plans may have been made before landing, as this:

Armstrong: Roger. Our recommendation at this point is planning an EVA, with your concurrence, starting about eight o'clock this evening, Houston time. That is about 3 hours from now.

And subsequent notes imply that the 3 hour gap between landing and EVA was shortened at Armstrong and Aldrin's request.

82408.  Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:33 am Reply with quote

Thanks egg.

Have changed breakfast to lunch.

The 'nap' was planned before the mission as far as I can discern.

82411.  Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:44 am Reply with quote

Yip, I agree. I think lunch is funnier anyway.

I noticed you put it into SQUIRE as well. Nice work, I've linked that up now.

104031.  Tue Oct 17, 2006 4:09 pm Reply with quote

I wrote a question for the last series - in fact my only question - which was:

What was Buzz Aldrin's mothers maiden name?

The answer being Moon. But hidden within the additional info is all the stuff Neil and Buzz did while waiting on the moon. Facinating stuff. Buzz smuggled on some church bread and did communion.

I'll dig it out, it's in the D series forum.

The best book for this - that I have read - is the biography that came out on Neil Armstrong. First Man, it's called.

104034.  Tue Oct 17, 2006 4:13 pm Reply with quote

Here it be...


What was Buzz Aldrin’s mothers maiden name?


Lightyear, Armstrong



Marion Moon, later to become Aldrin.


Another interesting coincidence is that Pete Conrad, the commander of Apollo 12, and third man to stand on the moon, died on July 8th 1999 when he crashed his motorbike into a tree in the town of Ojai (pronounced O-High) in California.

The word Ojai is Chumash ( a Native American language) - it means “Moon”


Born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. he acquired the nickname “Buzz” when he was only a few months old, from his older sister Fay Ann, who was eighteen months at the time. His family called him “brother” however Fay Ann pronounced it “Buzzer”, which then eventually became Buzz.

Aldrin eventually made “Buzz” his legal first name in 1988.

The first thing that Buzz Aldrin did upon stepping on the moon was kick the dust, and watch it sweep away in great arcs.

The second thing he did, while all the world was watching, was pee.

Buzz also claims that that there was a lot of farting going on in the ship, as the hydrogen bubbles in the water supply to rehydrate food made them gassy, giving the ships interior a “considerable fragrance”

Buzz and Neil stood on the moon an hour later than expected, mainly because having eaten some gas inducing food, they didn’t know where to stow their dirty dishes, as it was never apart of the practice routine.

Other delays included the fact that they couldn’t get their space suits on (the gloves in particular being most troubling) and they couldn’t open the door to the Eagle.

Buzz Aldrin conducted the first ever moon communion while on the moon. In his personal preference kit he had with him two small packages given to him by his Presbyterian minister, Reverend Dean Woodruff, back in Houston. One contained a vial of wine, the other, part of the communion bread loaf. He also had with him a small chalice for the wine, and a card with an extract from the book of John (John 15:5) written on it:

I am the vine, you are the branches,
He who abides in me, and I in him, will bear much fruit,
For apart from me, you can do nothing

Buzz wasn’t the only one to get religious while on the moon - Jim Irwin, the 8th man on the moon, purported to have heard God whispering to him at the foot of the Apennine Mountain, leaving NASA for the church upon his return.

Edgar Mitchell claimed to have experienced a “flash of understanding” in which he switched on to the universe.


NASA’s launch reliability rate was 99.9 per cent. The Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket contained close to six million parts. Which means that even with NASA’s astounding 99.9 per cent reliability rate, roughly 6,000 things could be expected to go wrong on a good flight.

The Nepalese believe that their dead reside on the moon. When Stu Roosa, of Apollo 14, visited there, he was bombarded with constant questioning along the lines of “You didn’t happen to see my grandmother up there did you?”


First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong, The first Authorised biography, by: James R. Hansen

Moondust, by: Andrew Smith

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104035.  Tue Oct 17, 2006 4:14 pm Reply with quote

More to come. I'll read my book...

There is some great stuff about what they got up to on the ship before they left it. They were almost locked in, for example. And out, for that matter.


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