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My uncle's name was Dick Assman

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Here's a fun personal fact to consider discussing on an upcoming podcast:

There was a man named "Dick Assman" who worked as a manager, mechanic and gas attendant at petrol stations in Saskatchewan, Canada his whole life (I know because I'm his great niece).

But his unusual name did not go unnoticed. In the summer of 1995, Dick Assman was moving from one petrol station location to another and the owner decided to put an ad in the local paper to let people know. Some how, David Letterman got his hands on a copy of the newspaper ad and the name struck him as humorous, so much so that he ended up giving him a ring live on his TV show. Not long after, Dick Assman was being flown down to New York City to appear in person on the David Letterman show. After appearing on Letterman's show, Dick Assman became the talk of Saskatchewan with fans visiting the petrol station, not for the petrol, but instead to get a picture with him! Because of David Letterman, Dick Assman became an instant celebrity with a poll in the 90s indicating that 50% of Canadians knew his name.

Dick Assman passed away on August 15, 2016 at the aged 82 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, but his good humor and fun spirit will always be remembered.

Video links to his appearances can be found below:


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