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Disappeared posts??

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80428.  Wed Jul 19, 2006 6:00 am Reply with quote

You may have read a piece I just posted in which I announce that I am now Polish.

My original intention was to post this as a new post on the "Should I become British" discussion we had before - in which I talked about becoming Polish, British and/or Irish, Jenny spoke of becoming American, and so forth.

But it's not there.

It's still in the Google cache, so I know that the discussion began with post 71948, but it's not on this board any more. Where's it gone??

I'm sure that old posts have to get deleted from time to time in order to make space in the database, but we're talking about a discussion that only took place a couple months ago. And yet there are discussions which are still on the board that no one has posted to for nearly three years.

Is there a simple explanation ...?

QI Individual
80579.  Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:35 pm Reply with quote

I too have noticed a disappeared thread a few weeks ago. It was in a group of bookmarked pages so I can reproduce its URL here. Maybe it can help finding the answer to where it has gone.

And I don't think it's necessary to delete anything from the database considering the vast storage capacities of modern HDD's. The only thing that can become a problem on huge forums is the size of the index needed for the search function and the amount of memory required to store it in RAM.

Perhaps the errors we saw a few weeks ago weren't that harmless after all and the hosting provider has damaged the database.

80610.  Wed Jul 19, 2006 5:02 pm Reply with quote

Ah. I may have the answer to that one. We recently received a bill for 'overuse of disk space' because the forum was getting really quite large. As well as deleting a load of old things from QI's home and admin directory - which genuinely were useless to everyone - I also had a go at setting the General Banter forum to 'auto-prune' so that topics which hadn't had any activity for a certain amount of time would 'die off'. 30 days is what I had set. Presumably, the pruning tool only affects those topics that have been created or posted to during the time between pruning switch-on and now...

I've now, however, noticed that the forum takes up far less space than I thought, so I think I'll turn pruning back off again, and see if I can resurrect those topics. It definitely wasn't the host's fault, and in any case, there are off-site daily, weekly and monthly back-ups of the forum, so even in the worst-case, we wouldn't lose things permanently. I'll see what I can do to resotre those posts - do let me know if there are any more that you'd like revisited.

Does this seem like a good idea? Might it be better to post 'interesting things' in the 'Quite Interesting' forum, and reserve 'General Banter' for things we don't care that much about? Or shall we just opt to keep everything? We have a 15 Gigabyte limit at the moment, but I've just freed about 1/3 of that elsewhere, so we can probably still keep everything for a few years.

Sorry 'bout that, anyway, and thanks for flagging it up.
...we will be restoring normality as soon as we are sure what is normal anyway. Thank you.

QI Individual
80634.  Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:45 am Reply with quote

Any thread that starts uninterestingly can suddenly take a turn for the QI. 'General Banter' has plenty of QI stuff in it.
Also very QI threads in which the topic may have been exhausted might not get posted to much any more and can pass that 3 month limit. Still very much worth reading though.

People often have put much effort in writing their contributions to a thread so threads can represent quite a bit of excellent and hard work that IMHO should not be discarded. Certainly not by an automatic system that is incapable of evaluating the value of a thread.

15 GB is peanuts by modern standards. I'd say leave everything in the forum and since filling up the 15 GB might take a few years as Grey says by the time the limit is reached the hosting provider quite possibly may have upped the limit for the type of account QI has by then. If not the price may have dropped and the same cost might buy you extra storage capacity. And how much would extra storage capacity cost anyway?


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