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1300766.  Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:06 am Reply with quote

Just watched the latest QI which included a section on Hawaiian Pizza - and whether or not pineapple was an acceptable topping. I thought I'd share my experience whilst on honeymoon in Rome back in 1991.
My wife and I had made friends with another newly-wed couple and their parents who were on the same tour as us and around midday found ourselves in a side street just down from the Vatican whilst looking for somewhere to eat. We entered a pizzarea and sat at a table on an upstairs terrace.
The waiter came around to take our orders and having scanned the menu, I said to him I couldn't find 'Hawaiian' on the menu as it was my favourite.
He said he had never heard of it, what did it consist of?
I told him it was ham and pineapple.
He exploded and shouted at me 'You wait here, I get chef. Wait here I go get chef!'
Within a minute he came back with a chef came who had a bloody long knife - with a blade of at least 12 inches long and he started waving it in my face whilst screaming in Italian at me. After a short while the waiter then told me in a very brusque manor:-
"Pizza is a main course, pineapple is dessert. You NEVER mix the two. You insult ALL of Italy by doing so!!"
So, on my honeymoon I nearly started a diplomatic incident, simply by trying to get an Hawaiian pizza!
I still like Hawaiian pizza's, but I strongly advise people to never try and order one in Italy!

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When in Rome...

I always made a point of ordering what's on a local menu, try to discover new flavours.


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