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DVD Smith
1299411.  Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:44 am Reply with quote

Amethyst, a purple form of quartz, got its name because the ancient Greeks believed that it stopped them from getting drunk. The name comes from ‘a methystos’ meaning “not intoxicated”. The Greeks used to wear amethyst crystals around their neck and make drinking vessels out of it to stop themselves from getting drunk. [1]

Amethysts were once considered as rare and precious as diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald (a group called the Cardinal Gems) until South America was explored and large deposits of it were found in Brazil. [2]

1299444.  Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:17 pm Reply with quote

From Twitter, courtesy of the marvellous Moose Allain...


Punk rock


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