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Jean Michel Jarre & Monaco Royal Wedding 2011

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1082615.  Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:15 am Reply with quote

I discovered that to commerate the Monaco Royal Wedding on July 1st 2011 a special [b]Jean Michel Jarre[/b] concert was commissioned.

Use [url] [/url]and then search for Monaco Royal Wedding - Jean Michel Jarre Live In Concert to see images

Prince Albert II and his new wife seemed thrilled as the concert started but Princess Stephanie seems to be so cheesed off in the audience as if she's thinking I was told this would last 5 minutes but it seems like 5 hours already.

The best image of this is to be found under Editorial No: 118211408 on the gettyimages website given above.

1082618.  Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:30 am Reply with quote

Do you really think so?
I much prefer this image

Although I do suspect that this one portrays your intention....

1082649.  Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:42 am Reply with quote

Village67 wrote:
Prince Albert II

I have a Prince Albert but decided that two was a bit extreme.

1082737.  Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:04 pm Reply with quote

Welcome to the QI forum's - where everyone tries to bully you into leaving straight away.

"It was just banter Martin, harmless banter."

1082739.  Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:40 pm Reply with quote

I had forgotten that we live in a cut and paste society.

I have never posted here before like you 'learned' ones. But I apologise on your behalf for trying to dismiss my banter. I was going for lighthearted observational humour.

I have actually watched the concert mentioned - the wedding ceremony was a civil ceremony I understand and the happy couple (better not mention his name here) introduced Jean Michel Jarre's concert in front of a suitably immense and somewhat excitable crowd.

I'm not naive it was probably a publicity stunt to increase Jarre's presence in Monaco and to create a big fuss over a Royal Wedding in Monaco but I am sure you 'young' uns would rather post pathetic puns or images of beavers or spam before allowing me to fill in the blanks (tee hee - he said blanks - now I can make a very weak joke about impotence) in my research.

You can advise me to post this elsewhere but I see the reaction to my first post as somewhat vindictive. You assume everyone has a full and enlightened knowledge of how these boards work but sometimes you just have to dive in and hope for the best.

If anyone has heard the full version of JM Jarre's Waiting for Cousteau (from the original CD release) or Digisequencer from Jarre Hong Kong (In Concert) as examples of Jarre's overall oeuvre they will know these are largely extended synthesiser or at best electronic based instrumental noodlings. Much as many thousands nay even millions around the world have enjoyed his works ranging from the breakthrough album Oxygene (1976), Equinoxe (1978) including myself and the married couple Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene (ha ha like Kylie in Neighbours) the music is not to everyone's taste. I was merely observing that Princess Stephanie (far right) appeared bored to tears (perhaps not a fan who had Promo <oh no I know what that looks like a typo of - snigger snigger> copies of any of his albums or bought the only pressing of Music for Supermarkets when it was auctioned shortly after production and Jarre had the master tapes of the album destroyed - this is a joke and has been vetted for smut and innuendo)any double-entendre of a sub-Carry On style is in your mind not mine. Also in common with Stephen Fry the female of the species is far from my specialist subject.

There was a wedding between Prince Albert II (snigger he said Prince Albert) of Monaco & Princess Charlene which led to said concert.
But as we know you can prove anything with facts. - Taxi Driver to Stewart Lee.

Now let's try to play nicely in future. That's more in the spirit of QI and banter is fine but persecuting someone for being a newbie is not really reasonable is it?

"Now look sad and say D'oh' - Homer Simpson

1082877.  Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:10 pm Reply with quote

Apologies for the heavy-handed response there, Village67 - unfortunately we have been inundated with spam recently, and many of them start by posting apparently innocuous things that are a bit off-beat, so I suspect barbados thought you were one of *those* posters.

Welcome to the forums.

I was never a fan of Jean Michel Jarre, but I do remember very fondly going to see a show in which Mike Harding did a brilliant spoof of "Jean Michel Jam Jarre".


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