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"More-Pork" (Owl, supposedly of Tasmania only)

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Peter Anthony
1296819.  Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:10 pm Reply with quote

In the most recent series (I believe) under 'Animals Beginning With M' there was a reference made to "The Tasmanian More-Pork Owl". I wish to provide an addendum to this discussion.
Firstly, the noise it makes is more like "Mo-Poke", and it is thus colloquially named not only in Tasmania but all over Southern Australia, West to East.
Secondly the "Mo-Poke" is often named the Australian Boo-Book Owl, which is another way of describing it's haunting call. But that is not actually it's full and proper name. (See Below)
Thirdly, it looks not at all like the illustration provided on the episode which went to air. That picture was of some common owl with it's eyes side-by-side facing forward, whereas the Boo-Book's eyes are at the sides of it's head as with a more regular bird.
Fourthly it is of a variegated grey camouflage colouring with a feathery projection above it's wide frog-like beak, which leads to it's proper name of the "Tawny Frogmouth". Overall, the bird is usually a little bigger than your average pigeon and it's feathers are soft, as is normal for owls.
When it's eyes are closed, the bird is quite indistinguishable from the bark of the tree-branch it may be perched upon. It depends so much upon this camouflage that sometimes one can walk up to it carefully and pick it up. It believes that if it keeps it's eyes closed, you cannot see it.
I do have a great picture of the Boo-Book or Mo-Poke but am still working out how to attach it to this post as I am a newbie here. They are very cute and clever little chaps, I took one home once for a day but did not want to keep it from it's wild existence. Cheers to all.

Peter Anthony
1306739.  Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:48 pm Reply with quote

Further to the above on the Tawny Frogmouth or "Mo-Poke", I've lately discovered it's not even an owl but actually a species of "Nightjar", of which many other varieties are well known across the rest of the world. This may be worth a mention on the show. P


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