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Incorrect Picture etc. used - "Tasmanian More-Pork Owl&

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Peter Anthony
1296743.  Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:01 am Reply with quote

Dear Jenny:
I do not know the date of the show I saw this on; it may have been a repeat. The presenter was Stephen Fry (I do not especially like Sandy's style but I watch the shows regardless) and the question asked was:
"What creature goes 'More-Pork', or similar.?" The answer we were given was "The Tasmanian More-Pork Owl", and an illustration was shown.
I have some further information on this subject, although it may have been previously offered by earlier correspondents.
Firstly, this owl is not native to Tasmania only, and is well-known over most of Southern Australia generally.
Secondly, it is known here as the"Mo-Poke' owl, or in official circles as the "Boo-Book" Owl.
Thirdly, the picture shown in this Episode of the show was not of this type of bird at all; that shown was of a common owl and quite different to the Boo-Book which is so well camouflaged that it can be mistaken for a dead tree-branch, especially as it invariably keeps it's eyes closed.
Most common owls have eyes looking straight ahead but the Boo-Book unusually has it's eyes each side of it's head, like most other birds, plus an unusual feathery crest forward between it's eyes.
I have a good picture to send you but as a newbie to this site, I do not yet know how or where to send it. Can you advise me of an email address which could accept this picture please? it's not especially large but does fill a full screen in HD resolution, a great pic.
Thank you for your attention, Peter A.

1296797.  Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:31 am Reply with quote

Hi Peter - it's actually the elves rather than me, who need to see this. Maybe you could post it on the appropriate quibbles thread down at the bottom of the site? Or you could send it in a private message to eggshaped, who is a senior Elf, and he might be able to advise you of an email address.

Thanks for watching and contributing to interestingness :-)


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