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Tommy Robinson

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1291526.  Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:28 pm Reply with quote

Spud McLaren wrote:
Any update on the petition, bob?

Nope - but there's still time. I do need to find initially five voters who're willing to put their name and address to it - ordinarily not difficult, but as I said I'm currently absent and given that most of my acquaintances are even more laid back than I am that's not such an easy proposition.

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1293010.  Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:29 pm Reply with quote

OK - I'm back in the UK - but I need five actual names to begin a petition. Any volunteers? We can agree the wording between us - bearing in mind that we might well get a visit from Mr Robinson (he's done it before although only to some spotty-faced well-meaning but totally unprepared teenager).

Just letting you know what you might be in for (I'll happily tell him what a twat he is, and I'll put my name at the head of the petition to hopefully make him target me - but I don't want anyone going into this blind against this convicted football hooligan).


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