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"gum disease..coronary disease..bacteria..blood clots&q

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1283423.  Sun May 06, 2018 10:13 am Reply with quote

im not sure what was exactly known about coronary artery disease at the time the book was published. so im sorry if im writing about something that was right at the time.

gum disease has to do with Endocarditis, which is mostly caused by the infection of the endothelium (the inner layer of the heart muscle), so sometimes, when someone with a prosthetic valve for example, has a dental procedure, can pass bacteria through the blood vessels to the heart, that's why dentists are supposed to give a prophylactic antibiotic treatment.

coronary disease is caused by blood clots indeed, but the risk factors for that are high blood cholestrol, uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension, central (mainly abdominal) or morbid obesity, smoking.... building a blood clot does not need any help of a bacteria.


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