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Neck in a Noose

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1282942.  Wed May 02, 2018 2:41 am Reply with quote

I was listening to the QI Elves talk about animals people have festooned on their bodies in the past, on their weekly podcast, NSTAAF, and I realised how it happens annually in my country.

In India, typically at the onset of monsoon, a festival called "Naga Panchmi" is celebrated to worship snakes. It is during this festival that many snake charmers, go on rounds of cities where in people pay them to have their snakes tied up in a noose around their necks. It is believed that this brings good luck and prosperity.

Athough the widely perceived notion is that many of these snakes are no posinous, there have instances when the snakes, when worn around necks, have bitten people leading to instant death.

1282999.  Wed May 02, 2018 10:16 am Reply with quote

As a devout ophidophobe, I can honestly say that this is a festival I would not go within a thousand miles of if I could help it. And this despite being born in Mumbai and living there until I was nearly 5!


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