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Pancake number

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1258262.  Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:28 am Reply with quote

The pancake number is the minimum number of flips required to turn a stack of unevenly piled pancakes into a graduated stack where they are distributed from smallest at the top to largest at the bottom.

For a stack in which it doesn't matter which way up the pancakes are, the flipping begins by inserting a spatula and turning from the biggest pancake and continuing in this way until the pile is sorted in order.

For a stack of 5 pancakes, the number of flips required is 5 or fewer. For a stack of 20, the number of flips required is still unknown.

It gets more complicated if one side of the pancake is burnt and the flipping is intended to hide the burnt side from view.

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1281359.  Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:45 pm Reply with quote

I have to say I would just be grumbling about letting them get cold and asking if the maple syrup is real and is there real butter and enough brown sugar and lemon?

Perhaps that is the definition of intellectual?

Someone thinking how few flips to have them in graduated size order, when I am thinking

I just want them at least WARM when I eat them

Just as the other definition of intellectual is hearing the William Tell Overture

and NOT thinking of The Lone Ranger

Tho perhaps that one is dating now and meaningless for the under 30s?


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