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Scottish Inventions the Scots did not invent - Help!

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917829.  Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:41 pm Reply with quote

The etymology of Hogmanay, and the tradition, are actually not clear, and there are a number of possible origins. One of the more accepted is the Frensh connection because of various traditions that used to be observed and are no longer continued. The theory being that it would have been introduced into Scotland during the Auld Alliance, which ended around the 16th century.

The Gaelic connection has a couple of possible origins, one of which is "thog mi an eigh", but it's only because it's included in some songs for new year. There's nothing to indicate this is the actual origin of the word or celebration.

The claim that whisky was invented in China is not something based on the modern trade of whisky, it's about the process of distilling a fermented drink, which is what it's all about. This process is claimed to have first started in China,and Baijiu is thought to have been around for at least 5000 years. I think there is also a possibility it started in the Middle East, but it's hard to prove either way. What we can show is that the process, and the demand for the drink, moved across Europe and reached Scotland at a much later date.
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Izzardesque wrote:
Any comment on Reis eggshaped? From what I've read he seems a decent contender. Admittedly its on various websites rather than original sources but all seem to point to a device (if not all that reliable) that could be held to be the first true telephone.

Whether or not he was the true originator the first words spoken over the telephone were uttered by him. They were, 'the horse doesn't eat cucumber salad' . Because this phrase is hard to understand acoustically in the German language, Reis used it to prove that speech can be successfully recognised on the other end. Previously Reis's device had been used to transmit music.


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