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Myth of onion in a sock-debunk rebuttal

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1275595.  Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:01 am Reply with quote

Dear Elves

In series O:15, Ms Toksvig declared that the "myth" of an onion carried in one's sock makes the wearer smell of onion to be nonsense.

I believe you mythed something essential, however.
Ask yoursELVES why one would put an onion in one's sock in the first place. To keep in in place, as she said? mmmh

Let me tell you a story that I was told many many years ago.

In 1954, my mother, born in France in 1942, was sent back to the farm in Brittany where she was wet nursed during the war while her mother worked as a military nurse in a burns unit.
Every morning, the children would trek miles across the countryside to go to school.
And every morning during winter time, the farmer's wife would put a clove of garlic in the children's socks.

This wasn't simply "wearing" the garlic to ward off the lurgy like any reasonable person would a vampire.
It was entirely medicinal, based upon garlic oils being absorbed through the skin as the day wore on.
And my mother said that they would always end up smelling of garlic or having garlic breath.

This makes perfect sense.
It is fact that you can have garlic breath without even having eaten any. I'll let you research that.

So t'is not a busted myth. Just the wrong allium.

For the little story, I have just spoken to my mother and she has absolutely, formally and vehemently dispelled as a myth of my own creation that she ever had a single garlic clove ever placed in her sock. She never trekked miles across the wintry countryside to attend school either but went to boarding school at a convent in the village.


1275609.  Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:59 am Reply with quote

So you're quoting something that didn't happen as evidence that the programme was wrong to claim that it did?

1275611.  Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:26 am Reply with quote

all the while with the wrong allium


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