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Persia and the Paradise Gardens

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Hitting you here with a double P

If heaven was a place on earth it would surely be from the Paradise Gardens .It was during the reign of the Achaemenid Dynasty that the literal idea of a paradise on earth became a real possibility.

The term for awe-inspiring well-tended gardens in Old Iranian is ‘pairi-daeza‘ meaning an enclosed area. This, in turn, was transmuted to ‘paradeisos‘ in Greek. It is believed that from this, the English term paradise was formed.

The Old Testament describes Pleasure gardens as "sacred enclosures rising in terraces planted with trees and shrubs, forming an artificial hill such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon."

Ancient Persian ethics dictates a deep respect for nature and the countryside. The ethics suggest a certain preservation of less-trodden countryside to be kept that way away from the inhabitation of humans as it a gift and representation of God. As well as inhabitable places becoming more beautiful with the application of plants, trees and herbs!

Alexander Howard
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The fragrant hillsides around the city of Shiraz in Persia were famed for centuries - a wondrous green as far as the eye might gaze from the valley to the hills and bearing at every step a sweet fragrance that was a renowned delight to the soul. The land and its produce were famed in Persian poetry that flourished in the Middle Ages and at the court of the King, such that word of it spread to Europe.

The dry discipline of archaeology has found that the land has been cultivated in this way since the Neolithic age, so for 7,000 years Shiraz was a scented paradise.

The Revolutionary Guards tore the vineyards up and burnt the vines after 1979.

BBC report


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