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"How many moons ...?" redux

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1242511.  Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:40 pm Reply with quote

A twist on QI's running gag about how many moons earth has:

So, if you ommitted all the supposed moons that are detectable only through simulations, models, calculations, etc., and the visitors that don't stick around for a full solar orbit, the earth actually has a bit less than one moon.

Most articles on ocean tides mention that the earth and moon actually co-orbit a common point* as an explanation 2 high tides each day (one when directly facing the moon, one when facing directly away from the moon).

Unfortunately, I they kind of mentioned this in series L so it's not likely to come up again. Still, a fun little fact to share around.

* to be fair, this point is somewhere below the earth's surface, probably in the mantle region


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