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Metric/Imperial conversions

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1237305.  Mon May 15, 2017 4:08 pm Reply with quote

I haven't checked any of the math but in the QI Second Book of General Ignorance, p. 363 (paperback, 7th printing), under “Name the world’s fastest man”, there are two errors in the parenthetical conversions to Imperial measurement:

“37 kilometres per hour (23 kilometres per hour)”
“42 kilometres per hour (27 kilometres per hour)”

The later “45 kilometres per hour (28 miles per hour)" demonstrates the 'kilometres' in parentheses should read 'miles' instead.

And in the next piece, on p. 365, “What can we expect to experience at the point of death?”, in the fourth paragraph, “decis ons” is clearly missing the 'i', though that may be a printing glitch not in all copies.

These are possibly long-since addressed, but I'm thinking they made it through a number of printings.


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