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The humble montero

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1141137.  Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:44 pm Reply with quote

This didn't come up in searching on the keyword (save as a car name) so I'm assuming this is new to QI.

I was watching the re-run of the "Ganimals" episode (G-series episode 2) where Stephen has enumerated a pioneering seventeenth-century researcher's experiments in finding the softest and best thing to wipe his arse with. SF lists a dozen or so experimental devices, which include a "montero" - "whatever one of those is."

I'm happy to be able to inform Stephen and the Elves that a montero was a piece of military headwear - in soft fabric with no stiffening - which was commonly worn during the English Civil War.

reference here; the 1642 Tailor.

Plus points: the hat was in a soft and if you were lucky, felted, fabric.

Minus points: did the guy who used it for this purpose have to wear it on parade and explain the mess to his platoon sergeant?

And... it could have been the car....

1141220.  Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:25 pm Reply with quote

Either sounds like an unlikely way to wipe your arse! Welcome to the forums AgProv (sounds like a rural version of the IRA...)

Spud McLaren
1141222.  Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:31 pm Reply with quote

Well, I've heard the expression, "if x doesn't happen, I'll eat my hat", but not this...

1141284.  Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:18 am Reply with quote

Provisional Wing of the Agrarians? (I've got a pitchfork out back in the shed...and i know how to use it. Like Stephen Fry, I have a Norfolk association.) hardly that, but amusing! The name began many years ago on a now defunct web forum. In line with what I call "ethical trolling", trying to derail rather strange patterns of thought and "strange opinions" with humour, it was Agent Provocateur: it got shortened as it made for easier typing, as well as averting the association with upmarket ladies' underwear.

As i recall, Stephen was enumerating a series of escalatingly bizarre and largely bird-related solutions to the eternal problen of sanitising one's "nockhole" after passing stool and leaving the bum-crack squeaky clean. This being three hundred years before the invention of soft toilet paper, the solutions largely involved various bird carcasses. His seventeenth-century pioneer reported that a goose neck, with feathers on, was the sovereign remedy, although he had tried other commonly available poultry in the interests of comparative shopping.

In the middle of the list, he claims to have experimented with a montero for this purpose - Stephen looked bewildered and interjected with "whatever one of those is". I thought it was some sort of bird but looked it up. It turned out to be the headgear.

So just maybe the original Qi Elf from the 1640's had used [i]somebody else[/i]'s montero - there must have been a few spare knocking around after Naseby or Edgehill.

Thank you for the welcome!


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