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Hullo Hello Hello!

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1228640.  Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:13 am Reply with quote

...and a good day to you!

ScarlettLass here, from India.
Started watching QI last year when I visited the UK and an instant fan. Been catching up since then.

In real life, I am an educator. Not a teacher, but I work at a company that aims to digitize education by blending the traditional teaching and classroom engagement and the digital convenience of direct instruction in classrooms.

I write content for this, and I stumbled upon this site while looking for interesting trivia related to some science concepts.

So anyway ...hi!

1228650.  Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:54 am Reply with quote

Hullo and welcome!!! Help yourself to tea and e-biccies!

1228673.  Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:11 am Reply with quote

Or coffee if you are a proper person rather than one of those awful tea-drinkers.



1228712.  Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:42 am Reply with quote

Or water. We have water.
Welcome aboard!

1228778.  Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:04 pm Reply with quote

May I recommend the cup cakes? They're particularly good :)

1228784.  Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:21 pm Reply with quote

Welcome ScarlettLass - glad you found some interesting things on the site.

Prof Wind Up Merchant
1230247.  Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:25 am Reply with quote

Hello ScarlettLass.


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