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Cat-a-Cops Cartoons

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Ian Dunn
1241800.  Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:25 am Reply with quote

As an anime critic, I know a few examples of ghost and dead cop cartoons (so there is such a thing as them, despite your episode title).

For example, there is Inferno Cop, in which the lead character is a cop-turned-vigilante who has a flaming skull for a head. You might argue that Ghost in the Shell also is about a cop and a ghost, as the main character Major Motako Kusanagi always refers to her "ghost". In terms of actual cat cops, one example is Natsuki Sasahara, a catgirl bounty hunter in the series Hyper Police.

Also, having listened to a fair amount of Japanese music I can say you are certainly right about all the bonus stuff. I have downloaded albums from iTunes from Japanese bands, and then have purchased CDs because you do get a lot more stuff. For example, Japan's biggest rock band, X Japan, their second album Blue Blood if you get the iTunes download has the original 12 tracks. In 2007, it was re-released with a second CD containing instrumental versions of 8 of the tracks. Even a soundtrack to a documentary about the band released earlier this year contained two bonus tracks in the Japanese version that aren't available in worldwide releases. However, when they did release that soundtrack they did have a meet-and-greet at HMV in London, akin to the events you mentioned in the podcast. It meeting was so popular, attracting over 1,000 people, that Oxford Street was closed off, and X Japan became the first band ever to sell all of their physical copies at a signing at this particular branch of HMV. There is an event in London called Hyper Japan (which is on next week, 14th-16th July) which has lots of Japanese musicians who do meet-and-greets. Last year for example, I met Hizaki, the lead guitarist in the band Versailles, who all dress up in Rococo-style outfits, although Hizaki takes things a bit further as he also crossdresses. People appearing in the forthcoming Hyper Japan include Minami Momochi, a DJ who wears a anime headmask at all times (think of a kawaii Frank Sidebottom).

On a different note, I can tell you that not everyone likes KFC gravy. KFC were fined nearly 1million for breaking health and safety laws after two employees in two different branches in Teesside handled hot gravy without gloves, getting horrific burns.


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