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Night witches

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1215966.  Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:33 am Reply with quote

Inaccurate facts about the "Night Witches":

QI: They had lousy wooden aircraft (PO-2)
FACT: PO-2 are invisible to radar (because it made of plywood), silent, easy to operate and inexpensive. Other planes do not have such advantages. Yes, they have no arms and very low speed - that's why "Night Witches" flew only at night.

QI: "Night Witches" were poorly trained and suffered heavy losses.
FACT: Preparation was not worse than the others at the beginning of the war and it is professional to the end of the war. Unlike the pilots of other regiments, "Night Witches" was not required to conduct air combat. Their task - exploration and bombing with which they handled with incredible accuracy (could bomb at an interval of 15 seconds all night, making 15-20 takeoffs each aircraft per night). Also, they also constantly greatly troubled fascist army, preventing them from sleeping, and forcing them to waste ammo trying to bring down the PO-2 from small guns. The German command was issued a special order with the ban to shoot at the PO-2.

"Night Witches" lost 32 people (out of 261) for the entire war (

The history of "Night Witches" is well documented, much has been written autobiographies and books, as well as filmed.

1215979.  Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:02 pm Reply with quote

Hi faxenoff and welcome to the forums. Thank you for that - interesting stuff!


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