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cafeine in coffee v tea

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Mr Red
1215671.  Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:41 am Reply with quote

many moons ago it was stated on QI that there was more caffeine in coffee than tea, in order to wrong foot Alan et al.
This is true only in the context of wrong footing, knowing the myths that abound.
It also reveals what the QI Elves drink - double double coffee (double shot, double strength)

As shown in Mike Mosely's programmes:
instant coffee has as much as 1/5 the caffeine. Filter about twice as much.

Yea yea - it depends on dosage, but the guide figures don't lie.
And the myth that coffee has less stems from the days when instant coffee was virtually the only sort commonly available. It was cheap. Still is!

Some of us remember when!

1215721.  Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:09 pm Reply with quote

The question of whether tea or coffee contains more caffeine is a rather wonderful one, because both answers are correct!

One gram of tea leaf contains more caffeine than one gram of coffee bean, but you use more coffee bean in making a cup of coffee than you do tea leaf in making a cup of tea.

A bog standard mug as used for "builders' tea" - and indeed used by most of us when we drink coffee or tea at home or at work - has a capacity in the region of 8 fl oz / 225 milliliters. (They're not all exactly the same size, and some of us fill them closer to the top than others. But that will do as a ball park figure.)

If you make yourself a mug of tea in that mug using a tea bag, that mug of tea will contain around 60 mg of caffeine. If you make yourself proper coffee in it, it will contain around 120 mg of caffeine. (Usually more like 100 mg if you use instant coffee, but instant coffees vary considerably.)

Just for information, if you fill that mug with a cola beverage - I know one wouldn't normally drink such a thing out of a mug - it will contain about 23 mg of caffeine. If you fill it with Red Bull (other over-hyped energy drinks are available), about 72 mg.

(I've plagiarized this from my own post 534969, written seven years ago.)

1215772.  Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:16 pm Reply with quote

Yeah, the pep you get from coke, red bull, etc is almost entirely down to the high sugar content, I believe.

1215817.  Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:48 am Reply with quote

Personally, I have never noticed any kind of "pep" from Coke. I did once try some "Jolt cola" which claimed to have twice the caffeine of "normal" Coke. Couldn't sleep for hours afterwards, even though I had been up for 20-22 hours by then.


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