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Last year bemahub spotted* a woodpecker's nest in a hole in a tree in a local cemetery. He spent many happy hours watching and photographing the couple bring up their babies.
We went back a few weeks ago to see if anything was there this year. I thought the hole looked very small for a woodpecker and hub realised that mud had been plastered, very neatly, around the entrance hole to make it smaller and said it would be a nuthatch. Nature is so clever. As he spoke a nuthatch flew into the hole.
So he now has a photo of the woodpecker at the nest entrance and a matching one with the nuthatch. His brother has a photo of the male passing a white berry to the female (presumably on the eggs) and flying off. A few seconds later the female stuck her head out the hole and 'spat' the white berry out!
Here's a list of facts about the nuthatch (notably number 11!).



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