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Meth use. And how to be safe

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justin dubb
1188666.  Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:08 am Reply with quote

First im going to say im not here to encourage drug use or help anyone use drugs but to help addicts and recovering addicts on how to be safe while using. First off drug use is increasing especially crystal meth use which people think is a southern drug but its made its way across the united states even in california its just not a main stream drug in the western stays so there for its harder to come by. But that being said these are tips and advice from me (curent crystal meth user) im kicking addictions but at the moment and other ice users i know personally. Im not a liscenced drug expert but then again who would know more than an actual user. THESES TIPS ARENT GARAUNTED TO SAVE YOUR LIFE OR HELP YOU OR FIGHT ADDICTION BUT TIPS TO HELP YOU WITH THAT BEING SAID I DONT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IF THESE TIPS DONT HELP. BECAUSE LETS BE HONEST PEOPLE ARE GONNA ABUSE DRUGS REGARDLESS IM JUST GIVING HELP AND ADVICE TO HELP THEM BE HEALTHIER AND FIGHT ADDICTION EASIER.

1. Make sure to take multi vitamins because meth takes alot of stuff you need to function out of you.
2. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat daily even if its not alot it keeps your body looking healthier and ofcourse healthy for you period.
3. If you do decide to continue using meth please get regular doctor check ups to check your heart, liver, kidney, lungs, and blood pressure as meth does tremendous damage to your organs with prolonged use.
4. If possible DONT STAY AWAKE MORE THAN 48 HOURS. When you hit the 72 hour mark you start to halucinate and your heart is working way harder than it should ultimatly inducing a heart attack, cardiac arrest, or strok.
5. Dont go all out getting high SERIOUSLY first 30 mins are crucial to overdose , heart attack risk pace your self using. I would rather no one use period but its your life no one can stop you.
6. If your feeling like your abought to overdose drink plenty of semi cold water to cool off organs , calm yourself down take semi deep breaths if possible. Reamain calm as possible to not make it worse because you will get very parrionoid and start to freek out. Try to cool vody tempature not drasticly just little by little because you will go in shock. Most importanlty before any of this contact medical services as soon as possible because your life is to important to pass it by that i can handle it yourself trust me ive been in the same situation. IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.
7. You CAN do it you can get off of it agreed it is hard but if u try you will succeed. First start to do less and less at a time then take 1 day off then 2 days off and so forth and guess what you have succeeded you kicked addiction. This wont help everyone but will help some.

I hope you find these helpful and please apply your health in your situation i pray for everyone using meth and hope one day everyone is clean from it. If you got any other tips or advice feel free to share anything helps.

QI Moderator
1188791.  Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:07 am Reply with quote

The management of these forums wish to make it clear that we do not encourage the use of crystal meth or any other controlled drug. We'd really much rather you didn't, but we cannot make that decision for you.

If you have an issue with the use of controlled drugs, prescription medications, alcohol, or any other addictive substance then please seek professional help at the earliest opportunity.

In the meantime, it is
possible that the advice given here may enable some who do use the drug to avoid its worst effects. We cannot guarantee this, and would reiterate that the best way to avoid any ill effects is not to use crystal meth. QIM


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