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Witches brooms and how to fly them

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1175443.  Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:14 pm Reply with quote

Hi. I'm from Sweden. I enjoy Qi very much. The original BBC version. Our Swedish version I don't watch.

I just watched the M-series Medieval episode on youtube where they mentioned the Maleficarum-book and witches, when I remembered an intresting theory about the witches brooms and how they actually fly them.
Everywhere, in movies, on postcards, Google image bank, all witches fly the broom with the pointy end forward and the twiggly end backward. But that might be the way witches doesn't fly a broom. They fly it with the twiggly end forward.
I remember hearing this theory on Swedish tv or I read it in a book about swedish folklore many years ago.

We modern people think that a broom is an aerodynamical means of magical transport but why would a witch care about aerodynamical features on a broom. I'm not talking about witches in the Harry Potter universe or Sabrina, or any other witch in popular culture, but the witches that were in league with the devil (if they and the devil ever existed). They did things backwards against the custom way of doing things. To fly a broom with the twigs forward would be wrong way to fly, that's why the flew that way.
I can't remember exactly where I heard or read about this. It would take many hours in my local library looking through folklore books to find out, and to find out where this theory comes from and who wrote it.

But finally, on a Swedish wikipedia page about witches I found an image of a painting by Goya depicting 2 witches flying on a broom the "correct" way.
That wiki-page was translated to all languages exept english. :-)
Try search for "Goya witch" and you will find the painting.
It could be so that the painting is the foundation for the theory I read about.
And where did Goya get the idea to paint the broom in that way?

Keep up the amazing work!

1175445.  Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:21 pm Reply with quote

Sabrina the Teenage Witch actually flew an upright vaccuum cleaner. Brooms are dreadfully passť.

1175446.  Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:24 pm Reply with quote

Welcome to the forums gryffe7 :-)

1175467.  Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:05 pm Reply with quote

I've heard the same theory eons ago, and I've sometimes thought about it.

From a very, very quick look at Swedish and Norwegian Wikipedia (I'm Norwegian, by the way) it seems both ways have been depicted at various times.

Goya's witches flying bristles first.

Medieval manuscript (1451) showing witches flying the "normal" way.


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