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1166118.  Fri Jan 01, 2016 8:52 am Reply with quote

I was one of the last group of four former Jeopardy! contestants who played the game against the supercomputer before Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter did so. IBM flew us to Mount Kisco, New York, put us up in a hotel, and sent a car around to take us us to HQ, where our quartet were set against Watson two at a time to play three games each.

Where Jennings and Rutter lost, both Celeste DiNucci and I managed to defeat the metal beast, as had 13 other people over the six months previous. Go Team Carbon! Then we got a nice guided tour of the inner workings of this marvel.

And just before the Watson/Jennings/Rutter match was televised a couple of months later, Celeste and I made the front page of USA Today, standing behind our lecterns with Watson in the middle. We were chuffed.

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Computer. Called Watson. *simples*.
Not everything is CD-related, crissdee! :-)

Well done, Caligari! No wonder you were chuffed.

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Ok, now I understand. A word or two of that might have been useful in the OP, rather than assuming we knew.

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Stunning achievement there, Caligari.

UK residents don't know of the delights of Jeopardy of course, except by repute.

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Neither do Cloggies, so I googled it..... :-)

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Sorry, crissdee, I tried to change the title to "M9: Messing with Your Mind, re Watson" but I was unable to. You'll see what it's about when you watch the XL version, if you missed the short one.

What made me even happier (well, that and they paid us for games we won) was that I was the only Canadian who got to take part in this experiment.

By the way, they had cleaned up Watson's dirty mouth by the time I got there.

1168427.  Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:52 am Reply with quote

It was fun to see Watson's issues with swear-words discussed on the show, but unfortunately some of the details Stephen presented were wrong. I can vouch for this because I was on the Watson development team, and in fact developed its profanity filter.

What happened was that the magicians Penn and Teller had a show they called Bullsh*t (without the asterisk) in which they debunked myths and misconceptions. In our practice rounds Watson once answered a question about magic or Penn and Teller with this word, and we realized we could possibly cause our employer IBM to swear on prime time TV, which would not be good for our job security. Hence the profanity filter and no subsequent swearing. So it only happened once, and was a bona fide TV show title, so was technically not swearing even then. (Also , I have no idea where the thought that Watson is/was 11 years old came from. The very first prototype was in 2007.)

By the way, on another occasion during the practice rounds there was a question (the show calls them clues) about a rhyming term for a hit below the belt. They were looking for "low blow" but Watson answered "wang bang". Not sure if you would call this profane, but it sure was funnier than any human responses.

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Hi Jprager and welcome to the forums :-) Do stick around - you sound like a very interesting person.


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