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1165267.  Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:44 am Reply with quote

In episode seven Stephen indicated that Mele was a French word. Isn't its origin Hawaiian?

1165273.  Sun Dec 27, 2015 6:48 am Reply with quote

"Mele" might be Hawaiian, but "melee" is still French.

"melee (n.) 1640s, from French mle, from Old French meslee "brawl, confused fight; mixture, blend" (12c.), noun use of fem. past participle of mesler "to mix, mingle" (see meddle). See also medley. Borrowed in Middle English as melle but lost and then reborrowed 17c."


"Mele" means song or chorus, as indicated in the link you posted, and has nothing to do with the fighting "melee" is assosiated with.


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