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Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

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Q: What ingredients are used to make pink lemonade?

Wrong answer: Using strawberries/cranberries/raspberries.

The bulk of pink lemonade produced today is made by adding a small amount of grape extract, only as to create its pink colour. The lemonade’s taste is indistinguishable from traditional lemonade yet is considered to be more popular than its predecessor as it is believed that the pink colour is considered more relaxing.

Q: How was pink lemonade created?

According to the Smithsonian, there are two plausible stories of how pink lemonade was created which both originate from the circus.
In one story, Henry E. Allott, who classically ran away from home to join the circus, dropped red coloured cinnamon sweets into a tub of lemonade. Not wanting to waste the batch, he simply sold the lemonade as is with its newly attained pink hue. His New York Times obituary in 1912 names him as the inventor of pink lemonade.

However in another story dating back to 1857, pink lemonade was created when the lemonade seller Pete Conklin ran out of water. As a solution, he used the closest water source which happened to be a tub of dirty water where a performer had just washed his pink tights. Instead of worrying about the colour of the water or hygiene standards in general, he simply marketed the lemonade as ‘strawberry’ flavoured.

Furthermore, there is a species of lemon tree that produces pink-fleshed lemons. The Eureka lemon tree produces green and yellow striped lemons with a pink interior, giving it an appearance alike a grapefruit when cut in half. However, when squeezed its juice runs clear.

Lemonade Stands

In other lemon related news, operating a lemonade stand can also be a dangerous business. In August 2018 a nine-year old boy was robbed at gunpoint from his stand in North Carolina. The culprit went off with less than $20 and even hid a bicycle in a bush for his getaway.

What's more, it is actually illegal for your child to set up a lemonade stand without proper trading licenses and compliance with health codes.
In 2017, a five year-old girl from London was fined £150 for selling lemonade to festival goers without a street trading license. However, even if she wanted to attain a license she wouldn’t have been able to as in the UK to hold a license one has to be aged seventeen or over.

Authorities shutting down lemonade stands became even more of an issue in the United States, so much so that the lemonade manufacturer Country Time introduced a promotion called ‘Legal-ade’ that helped kids pay for the fees associated with their business. Legal-ade paid up to $300 for any fines received or for any permits issued in 2017-2018. In total, they covered $60,000 in lemonade stand fees. A quote from the company says "Life doesn't always give you lemons, but when it does, you should be able to make and share lemonade with the neighborhood without legal implications,".



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