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Napoleonic Neanderthals

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1183350.  Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:59 am Reply with quote

The earliest theory of the origin of Neanderthals (or rather neanderthal remains found in the Neander valley) was that they were from a Napoleonic cavalryman who had died during the retreat from Russia. As the website for Ferme De Tayac puts it:

"One theory, proposed by Rudolph Virchow, was that they were the remains of a man (assumed to be from Napoleonís army) who had suffered from a unique form of debilitating rickets as a child, gone on to become a horseman causing him further deformities, suffered a series of crippling head injuries and ended up dying naked in a German valley just miles from the nearest village."

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Oh I like that!

Welcome to the forums, Gerlad :-)

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Thanks Jenny!


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