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Disgraceful delicacies

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63877.  Wed Apr 05, 2006 12:00 pm Reply with quote

Can anyone rival "Dojo Jigoku" as being the most disgraceful delicacy to ever grace a dinner table?

Literally translated as "dojo hell", the dish is made from the Dojo, an eel-like freshwater fish.

The recipe is designed around pain and suffering: A pot of soup stock is placed - like fondue - on a burner in the middle of a table where it can be seen by all the diners. A block of cold tofu is put into the liquid and a dozen live baby dojo are poured in. The burner is then set to 'high'. As the liquid heats up, the fish try to escape their imminent deaths by burrowing into the (cooler) tofu.

After a few minutes, the center of the tofu is fully are the baby dojo.

The tofu is then sliced up, revealing the baby dojo in all their glory...

Quite Interestingly, the Japanese say 'Itadakimasu' before a meal.

Saying Itadakimasu is the spirit of both feeling grateful and sorry at the same time.

From private subscription site

Grateful for the sacrifice made, showing respect for those who have sacrificed and being sorry for being so selfish as to sacrifice the life of another to sustain your own.

The World's Worst, Mark Frauenfelder

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