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Embrace General Ignorance

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1314310.  Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:00 pm Reply with quote

Snowywebb wrote:
Reading through this thread Im amazed at the profound interest in Henry VIII sex life. He wouldve been venerated as a guru if hed lived in the 60s.

Talking of Henry VIII, although Christianity may have been his religion what was his denomination?

He was a Catholic and he remained that way till the day that he died.

There were 3 factions at the time:
a) Hardcore protestants, mainly Lutherans, who believed that the Roman Catholic church was essentially evil, poisoning people's minds with myths and traditions.

b) Hardcore Catholics who despised Protestantism and believed that the Pope was God's representative on Earth.

c) Reformists who held on to the Catholic faith but believed that it needed reforming and restructuring.

Henry belonged to the latter category. It was his eventual decision that the Pope didn't have authority over him as regards ecclesiastical matters in his own kingdom that led to the confusion.

The legend 'Fid. Def.' (Fidei Defensor) on Britain's coins was originally awarded by the Pope to Henry for his zeal in defending the interests of the Roman Catholic church.


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