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Madagascar inhabitants are worlds’ oldest rafters

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The following paragraph is taken from an article in Current Biology, published in 2007 and talks about Lemurs and how they got to Madagascar:

Numerous independent molecular phylogenetic studies have shown that all lemurs evolved from a single common ancestor that arrived in Madagascar sometime early in the Cenozoic. Given that Madagascar was completely isolated from other landmasses at that time, and has been ever since, many biogeographers have concluded that lemurs must have dispersed to Madagascar by ‘rafting’. Moreover, given the current best estimate of the timing of the initial lemur radiation, approximately 60 million years ago, one imagines that lemurs arrived in Madagascar relatively soon after the apparent faunal turnover at the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) boundary. Thus, it is entirely possible that lemurs were the very first modern placental mammals to occupy Madagascar.

Yodder, A.D. 2007, Current Biology Vol. 17, No. 20, pp. 866.[/quote]


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