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Manchester United saved by a dog legend

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1125377.  Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:02 am Reply with quote

In 1901 Newton Heath faced very different prospects compared to contemporary the Manchester United team. With mounting debts and relegation to second division the club was served with winding-up order.

Harry Stafford, the club captain, was an enterprising man who relentlessly worked towards organising funds to keep the team afloat. It is said that he attached a collection tin around the neck of his Saint Bernard called Major and sent him around the ground to collect donations during matches. After the winding-up order on the club, a Bazaar was organised to raise funds to pay off the clubís debts. The Bazaar couldnít raise the funds and to further compound Harry Staffordís misery, Major hadnít returned after being sent to collect money around the town.

However, Stafford found out that Major was in the possession of John Henry Davies and went to claim his dog back. Davies was looking for a St Bernard for his daughter and happened to be one of the wealthiest people in Manchester with investments in several sports. When Stafford got to talking with Davies he sensed an opportunity. He struck a deal with Davies that would allow Davies to take over the club, get rid it of all the debts and would run the club. In return, Davies would get to keep Major for his daughter. The deal materialised, Davies renamed the team Manchester United, turned the kit red and well you know the rest.

The Gallagher brothers are understood to prefer cats, probably, I dunno.



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