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Mikhail Devyatayev (who flew out of a concentration camp)

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Mikhail Devyatayev was a Soviet pilot during WWII, who ended up in a concentration camp being forced to build V2 rockets. He had assumed another identity because being a pilot meant instant death but he was able to tell other prisoners in confidence.

One day he and a few other prisoners hijacked the commandant's Heinkel bomber plane and flew back to their lines. When they approached Soviet lines they got shot at because they were in an enemy plane but were able to crash land. Trouble is the NKVD (Soviet secret police) thought they had to be spies, so they were all shoved into penal battalions where half of the prisoners ended their lives. Mikhail was given a reprieve when evidence was attained to support his story and was made a Hero of the Soviet Union... in 1957.



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