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Myth of Uncle Ho Chi Minh

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1125054.  Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:53 pm Reply with quote

Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the Vietnamese independence movement against the Japanese and the French before becoming the enemy of his former ally the USA. He died in 1969, since his death an enormous amount of myth-making has been built up by his predecessors who gained their legitimacy from him.

One of the biggest myths was to say he was celibate because during his years as President of communist Vietnam he had built up an image of an 'Uncle Ho' figure who only lived for revolution.

As a result, when William Duiker's 'Ho Chi Minh: A Life' came out in 2001, it was banned by the Vietnamese government. The book was very thorough and generally favourable to Ho, but they objected to some of the details about his early life. Not that he was a line manager for General Motors or that he was kitchen staff at a west London restaurant or that he was a Chelsea fan but because it said he had sexual relationships with numerous women across Eurasia including his instructor at the Stalin School in Moscow.

Duiker was optimistic despite the ban saying: "In the long run it will become common knowledge . . . and it might help liven him up a bit with younger Vietnamese."



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