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What is the world’s longest running theatrical drama?

F: The Mousetrap

A: The Triumph of Horus

While the world’s longest continually running show, The Mousetrap, has been running since 25th November 1952, that’s small fry compared to The Triumph of Horus, also known as the Abydos Passion Play. The show, thought to be the oldest play in the world, has been performed on and off since circa 2000 BC.

The plotline concerns the murder of King Osiris by his brother Seth, and goes roughly like this. After murdering his brother, Seth cuts Osiris’s body into pieces and scatters them in various locations. Osiris’s wife and his son Horus go and pick up all the remnants to restore Osiris’s to glory. Horus avenges his death by killing Seth, and the play ends with the resurrection of Osiris as a deity.

The staging of the play often resulted in bloodshed. Greek historians reported that many actors died during the staging of mock battles during the production. One source claims that Seth was represented on stage by a live hippopotamus, which was killed on stage by a priest.

On the subject of hippopotami, here’s something quite interesting.

Early Portuguese settlers in Africa allowed themselves to eat hippopotamus meat during Lent on the logic that since they spent such a long time in water, they could be classified as fish.

Far from being fishy, however, Hippopotamus is purported to taste of beef[/b]


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