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1118553.  Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:14 am Reply with quote

Q: The clear winner is ... (blue or green/white)

K: No winner, disqualified, equal, "that guy", too close to call, blue.

A: Green/white. It's not a photo. The top half of the image is older, due to the rolling shutter effect. Finish photo:

1172427.  Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:44 am Reply with quote

The green one I suppose!

1218604.  Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:31 am Reply with quote

blue one i think.

1242510.  Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:20 pm Reply with quote

You're both wrong. It's the invisible giant wearing the red skates.

1245422.  Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:58 pm Reply with quote

Seems that the red blocks on the line are beam sensors. Neither are perfectly placed on the line - the one closest to the camera favours the blue athlete.

Any such use of equipment and technology is only as good and unbiased as the people who deploy it. Ultimate decisions on who won will always be made by the judges and officials.

As we have seen recently, some event's results can and have been overruled years after the event


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