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Robert Anthony Wood
A hypothesis on the human mind’s view of its surroundings and environment through the accumulated innate skills developed over the millions of years of our evolution in conjunction with our genetic memory, and thus propel us on to become the successful animals we are today.
Homo Sapiens…, human beings…, are possibly a unique species of all of the many that have inhabited this planet, in as much as we have been both a prey animal and developed into the hunter of prey. Something that over the millennia could have become surprising mind sets and mental abilities. For example, if a mouse suddenly decided that it was going to start eating other mice, it would have all the knowledge of what mice do and behave; and so would be in a unique position to maximizing how to hunt other mice. Not that I am saying that in the ancient passed we hunted and ate one another, but there must have been a point when…, as a species…; we decided to eat other animals. And with us having been prey ourselves, with all those heightened awareness skills that prey animals have; gave us the ability to be better and probably stealthier hunters. A possible catalyst that catapulted us forward into being a more “thinking” animal, a “problem solving” animal.
In recent years scientists have shown that not only are human beings covered in stripes, which can only be seen when someone has a specific skin complaint, or one would assume with special imaging equipment; but also that we are ever so slightly bioluminescent. Which follows that in our ancient past when we only really moved about at night, we must have been more bioluminescent to recognise each other in the dark. Or that our eyes and therefore our brains were capable of seeing in a different way, maybe in a different spectrum of light?! And through our evolution we have lost that ability?!
But what if we haven’t? What if back then that ability and other similar skills…, like the hyper-awareness that our prey animal ancestors possessed…; were hard-wired into our brains and genetic memory somewhere, and because we no longer need to use them we have forgotten how to access and use them? Supposing that some people can? Supposing that unknowingly some people are using a part of their brain to perceive things in a different way than the rest of us? Like with our faint bioluminescence. Perhaps some people can in fact still see that and these people are those who say that they can see and feel other people’s auras? They say that it is some kind of mystical power, when in fact it is a genetic throwback to the earliest years of our existence and that of our earliest, primitive ancestors. Rather like other people who say that they can see sounds and music as colours. The human brain is the most powerful thing we know of in terms of its complexity and its abilities; so it doesn’t take much of leap to suggest that our minds and our brains are capable of so much more, and a whole lot more than we understand.
Our sense of smell often provides our minds with the most powerful memories, one whiff of something and the recollection of something comes flooding back to us in that Proustian way that it does. Perhaps our very early ancestors were able to create a visual image from what they could smell, rather like cats, dogs and just about every other animal does. So that when they smelt a predator’s scent trail, it could see what had gone by in its mind, and therefore taken steps to avoid the danger. Nowadays our sense of smell in no longer as acute, but just maybe remnants of that early programming remain within us. After all we can sense the presence of other people close by without looking to see that they are there; in the same way that we can sense that we are close to other objects and things. We are aware of our particular place in the space where we are. A lot of it now is subconscious because we are no longer those terrified little creatures trying desperately not to be killed and eaten. That worry has gone, so we able to move on, evolve and develop other skills, other challenges for ourselves.
Now what I am about to suggest may well be mocked and dismissed out of hand as ardent tosh, but I am not saying anything I have said or will say is true, just throwing this stuff out there to be discussed as possibilities for discussion; and in that way merely “asking the question”. After all, you don’t have to be an eminent professor of philosophy to come up with interesting notions or profound insights into anything. I’m even very religious or even spiritual, so I am not working from a point of view of pushing some kind agenda. I’m just giving the ideas and make of them what you will…; but at least give them a chance. I know what some scientists are like, won’t believe something unless it kicks them up the arse. And in some cases not even when that happens.
Taking into account what I have mentioned already, supposing this could be an explanation for those people who say that they can feel…, what they call…; spirits, see spirits, and commune with spirits?! Not that I am suggesting that their minds are playing tricks on them. Just that they are still able…, consciously or subconsciously…; to access these distant attributes genetically left within them and their minds. Being more aware than the rest of us logical and rational human beings. For example: supposing a person…, possibly without knowing so…; detects a smell that is very strongly associated with a particular person then know well, but have died in recent months. Maybe that triggers something so powerful from these dormant and hard-wired traits, that they genuinely can see that particular person. Rather like a dog will know that another particular dog or other animal has recently walked by, and the dog’s mind relates to it what that other dog or what-have-you looks like. In a similar way that a specific perfume will remind us of a particular person, and so we can see them in our mind’s eye. Though with this example it is much more vivid.
Perhaps a lot of those people who are considered “mad” for saying that they can “see people” are being overloaded with these ancient abilities?! Maybe the explanation for “ghosts” is that they are a triggered memory from a specific taste or more likely smell, coupled to these subconscious senses locked away in the ancient DNA of our evolved brains and overall human make up? And only one person can see them at any one time, because they are the only ones who can perceive that they are there. And until we can see what others see or be able to read their minds and with pictures; we shall never know. There is more at work in the human mind than it merely being a biological computer. It is a product of our evolution. Not just from our earliest ape-like ancestors; but from much earlier than that. Right back from the time when we were all a small, scurrying, furry creature dodging between the legs of the dinosaurs. Like with a computer. When you switch it on its all nice and new and uncluttered. But over time we change it totally, adding all manner of programmes and other stuff; until it is no longer the computer that we originally bought, but something bigger, and better, and more powerful. But at the core, there is still some of that original computer left that we have almost forgotten about and…, “kind of”…; take for granted.


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