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Daredevils: the panel

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62787.  Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:48 am Reply with quote

After Blondin’s successful tightrope walk across Niagara Falls in 1859, one local newspaper reported “Thus was successfully accomplished one of the most daring and useless feats that even this fast age has ever witnessed.”

So, panel - what “daring and useless feats” do you hope to accomplish before you die?

There’s no right answer, obviously; I just think this might be a useful conversation-prompter during, or coming out of, the Daredevils stuff.

Before his crossing of Niagara in June 1859, Blondin hoped to string his tightrope straight across the Falls, but the landowner on the US side refused permission; his father had let Sam Patch (see: use his land, and the family didn't want to be associated with another daredevil death.

No-one believed Blondin would survive. People placed bets on his death, and local papers said they would send their obituarists to cover the event. What he proposed was quite plainly impossible.

But in the event, Blondin - so to speak - walked it. He did various tricks on the way over, including lying lengthways on the rope. He lowered a line to a steamboat below, the Maid of the Mist. The captain of the boat attached a bottle of wine to the line; Blondin pulled it up, opened it, bowed to all sides, and drank their health.

Arriving safely, Blondin told the crowd: “I hope you will remember me, for I am poor. I cannot tell you any more in English, but it is all right.” Half an hour later, he crossed back over.

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Picture ideas:
The whole panel parachuting off the Eiffel Tower strapped to a donkey.

Inventing the Victorians,” by Matthew Sweet.

Frederick The Monk
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Link to Dangerous Sports starting here.


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