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Frederick The Monk
62635.  Thu Mar 30, 2006 3:47 am Reply with quote

Question: What is the use of a ten foot cock?


Answer: Promoting the town of Dorking (according to the chairman of the Council).

Notes: The symbol of the town of Dorking is the famous 'Dorking Cockerel', an ancient breed of domestic fowl. To try to raise the profile of the town the council chairman has proposed building a ten foot high steel cock (at a cost of 20,000) on the roundabout where the A24 and A25 intersect. He hopes this will be paid for by public subscription. So far only the Chamber of Commerce have been formally asked to contribute - they declined.

Minutes of a meeting of the Council held on 17thMay 2005 at Pippbrook,Dorking from 7.00pm to 7.35pm
Item 4: The Chairman advised the Council that he saw his year as Chairman as an opportunity to
promote Mole Valley and put it on the map. He proposed to try and have erected, possibly
on the Deepdene Roundabout, a large statue of the Dorking Cockerel. The sculpture
would be crafted in metal and would stand approximately 10 feet high. He was hoping the
cost would be met by public subscription from local people, businesses and industry.

The Dorking Cockerel
The 'Dorking' was introduced into England by the Romans. What distinquises this species from others, is the presence of a fifth claw at the back of the foot. it is the oldest surviving 5 toed variety. The breed was very popular in the 19th century and contributed to Dorking's prosperity. Its meat was favoured by Queen Victoria as the legs were pink and the breast white. Queen Victoria was also partial to the eggs from the Dorking Chicken for their delicate texture. Dorking at the time held the largest market for poultry in England.

Dorking has the last remaining Pilgrim Father's house which stands in West Street. It belonged to William Mullins who sailed to New Foundland in 1620 and has been recently re-opened as an antiques shop.

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