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1385547.  Mon Jul 19, 2021 4:23 pm Reply with quote

PDR wrote:
Dix wrote:
Are we playing Location Bingo?

Mornington Crescent


You do realise that Tudor hunting lodge rules only apply when there's a blue moon in a leap year, right?




1385552.  Mon Jul 19, 2021 4:48 pm Reply with quote

But the leap year has been brought forward due to Covid, so as every competent player knows that the Lord Wimslow variation applies in the upper right quadrant. Obviously the Wimslow Variation would normlly by trumped by observation from a Mercedes, but that doesn't apply where the Mercedes is moire than three years old. But I'll let you off this once and play my double joker to bypass Nid and segway to:

Arbroath Road (or technically "Eltham").

Meanwhile did you hear the old children's story about Master Horner who cried at the Wolfe...?


1388201.  Tue Aug 24, 2021 6:06 pm Reply with quote

Dragging this back to at least part of the thread title, namely car registrations. On my evening constitutional, I found this;

I have never noticed it before, so I assume it is a recent acquisition.

1388247.  Wed Aug 25, 2021 9:11 am Reply with quote

On this side of the Atlantic we can have vanity plates, at a cost of $15 a year on our registration, and so I chose one that's a three-for-one.

My car's license plate is BRITNME. It's a three for one because it can be read as Brit in me, Brit in ME (abbreviation for Maine), or (when Woodsman is in it as well) Brit and me.


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