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61726.  Fri Mar 24, 2006 8:06 am Reply with quote

Hereís an idea for a props round. Give the panellists examples of the following items, and the names of those items, and simply ask them to match the object with the moniker:

1. One of Stephenís dottles.
2. A da.
3. A dabbity.
4. A dactyliomancist.
5. A daftar.
6. A dag.
7. A dalmahoy.
8. A dibble.
9. A dildo.
10. A dop.
11. A dosser.
12. A doup.

1. The plug of tobacco left in a pipe after smoking.
2. A Burmese knife.
3. In Scotland, either a cheap pottery figure from a fairground, or a temporary-tattoo-
type transfer.
4. A person who practices Divination by means of finger rings.
5. A bundle of documents.
6. See post 53924.
7. A bushy bob-wig (18th century). Other wigs of the period included the cauliflower, comet, Grecian fly, scratch, snailback, spinach see, and the pigeon's wig, according to
8. Gardening tool of regrettably comic shape, used for making holes.
9. A West Indian cactus, Lemaireocereus hystrix.
10. An empty nutcase.
11. A rich wall hanging or tapestry; or a pannier.
12. In Scots, the bottom section of an eggshell; or an arse.

Unfortunately, I donít suppose we could get hold of a daddock in a hurry, and the lawyers would probably veto the use of a dad or daud, let alone some dagga.


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