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The Band Names Game

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1093437.  Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:21 pm Reply with quote

The Blue Tomato Western are Kentucky's premier psychedelic/punk/country combo.
If you want to see multi-coloured rhinestone safety pins adorning Emmy-Lou Furtwangler's amazing migraine-inducing outfits as she pogos in front of Enoch P Snotgobbler's pedal steel guitar work.
Rumour has it that rhythm guitarist Hank Goatfondler (his real name) has recently learned a 4th chord.
Their first gig was famous as the one male in the audience, in a small club in Booneville, had brought along his wife, his daughter, his cousin and his mother in law, bringing the audience up to two.

Expected on the next bus to our lovely venue

The Woad Less Travelled

1093485.  Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:07 am Reply with quote

The Woad less Travelled are an international all star country folk project with a constantly changing line-up who started off as a four piece after bumping into each other in Jonathan Ross’s green room. Originally made up of Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock, Glen Hansard and Erin McKeown who really all had other stuff on after the show, but ended up getting drunk together and jamming all night, the line-up has so far fluctuated from seven piece including a horn section down to duo, back up, and everything in-between. They mainly draw from the English folk tradition, but will also throw in the occasional bit of bluegrass, Irish trad, and whatever else whoever happens to be around that night has to offer. Owing to their busy schedules outside the project their performances are few and far between. They usually sell out by rumour and word of mouth within minutes, and all are documented on bootlegs amongst which Whelan’s 2006, staged by Glen and Billy and featuring Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Donal Lunny and Josh Ritter, all of which culminated in a major Irish trad session is held in particularly high regard. Only Crystal Ballroom 2010, during which Robyn and Colin Melloy were joined by the Venus 3 has similarly high standing among The Woad less Travelled's longterm fans. They are very much a musicians’ musician act and count Bruce Springsteen among their following.

Hello Tokyo! Get ready for




1093735.  Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:34 am Reply with quote

Trackjumper is a solo act, performed by a 25 year old male, real name the rather ordinary Neil Gaven.
His on stage acts include jumping up and down, on the beats while playing pre-recorded music as he can't play and jump simultaneously.

For this failure he was teased on social media by the:

Soda Mercury Queens

1104172.  Thu Dec 04, 2014 3:52 pm Reply with quote

The Soda Mercury Queens are a four-piece glam - rock trinute band, who do covers of 70s hits, mostly written by Chinn and Chapman, but a few of their own compositions.
Rather restricted to the Bournemouth area, as none of them can drive.

Next up,
Paul Berra and the Caskets

1104587.  Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:13 am Reply with quote

Paul Berra and the Caskets, is a Funeral Doom one-man side project created by Forbes Vice President Paul Berra III. The title is a play on words, keeping with the genre of music. For their live performances, Paul Berra recruits various live musicians who dawn business suits and masks made of real million dollar bills. The identities of his live performers is unknown. The band is known for performing on a stage set up as a cemetery.

Their debut album, Money Is Not For The Dead (2013), was a platinum hit; owing to the fact that all the copies of the album were made of pure platinum (only 428 copies sold worldwide.) After the first 2013 world tour, Paul publicly announced a two year hiatus. However, he is rumored to be working on his second (yet untitled) album.

Jesus Plays Cheese (I wanted to go for Jesus Plays Chess, but that band exists.)

1106667.  Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:21 am Reply with quote

Jesus Plays Cheese were a 5-piece acapella and dancing group from San Francisco in the late 60s. Their name is in the smallest typeface on the Woodstock poster, where they played a 20-minute set.
They did covers of recent hits in their own folk-influenced style.
Unfortunately a load of really bad acid was delivered to their dressing room in Des Moines Iowa resulting in severe psychotic delusions in all 5 of them. They have all been in the Ronald Reagan Home for the Bewidered in Santa Monica ever since.

They make way for
Manuel the Failure and his Three-Cornered Hats

1106682.  Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:31 am Reply with quote

Manuel the Failure and his Three-Cornered Hats are a quartet with the lead singer from Barcelona, and the others from Germany.

Their main act (hence Manuel the failure) is performing the German song 'my hat has three corners', complete with actions.

Manuel was comforted in the back laneway by a member of the

Sonic Treble Brigade

Burgess Shale
1106690.  Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:30 am Reply with quote

Sonic Treble Brigade was a rather short-lived hybrid of the RnB and big band genres. Performing only one song at a relatively small venue in the American Mid-West in 2005, the discordant music style caused the audience to rush the stage where, because of the number of musicians, they were actually outnumbered. After a short riot and the arrest of several leading members of the Sonic Treble Brigade, they were banned from several US states and have since to reform.

Malcolm and the Tuckers

1106781.  Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:47 pm Reply with quote

Malcolm and the Tuckers was formed in late May 2005 by 4 enthusiastic 16 year olds as a tribute to Malcolm Tucker. (As played by Peter Capaldi in The Thick of It) None of them played any instruments and so they decided not to even try and pretend. Instead they formed a spoken word group who's main priority was to put as many swear words into the text as they could manage.
They disbanded once their parents saw a clip of them on youtube.

Next up: Brown Curtain Yellow Carpet

Humming Bird
1108775.  Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:07 am Reply with quote

Brown Curtain Yellow Carpet is a grunge revival band made up from the former members of two earlier bands from the 90’s. Drummer Steve Shag played for Yellow Line with lead singer Brownie Mason who also came over to BCYC; after Yellow Line lost a 10 year court case against Bjorn and Benny for plagiarizing ABBA songs. The ex ‘Curtain Boys’ Suzie Tsang plays bass guitar as well as providing backing vocals with Bobby “the carpet” Badger on lead guitar. Their first album ‘what a clever dog’ received mixed reviews only making 134 on the charts. Though the single they released ‘light a match Charlie’ sold a million copies and has become the anthem of public toilet cleaners worldwide.

Next band: Skid Mark Jones and the Launderettes

1110218.  Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:38 pm Reply with quote

Not much is known about Skid Mark Jones and the Laundrettes. SMJL first came into being in 1982, they were formed in Massachusetts but all the band members were Easter European in origin. It is said that they were approached by the CIA in early 1983. Nothing else can be reported about them for national security reasons, though there have been rumours of a group which, coincidentally looks a lot like them, playing underground gigs in Russia in the late 80s.

Next up: Forever Frozen

1110234.  Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:39 am Reply with quote

Forever frozen originated in the North Pole, and were originally part of Santa's elf workshop team but started singing when the workshop chores became boring.

They feel cheated by the Disney version of Frozen, however, and have not performed since then.

Next: The Mustard Brass

Big Martin
1110336.  Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:50 am Reply with quote

The Mustard Brass was the name used by The Heckaslyke and District Mustard Works Memorial Brass Band & Social institute to release some records after being inspired by Terry Wogan's version of the Floral Dance. It was decided to use this name due to the limited space on 45 rpm record labels to fit in the band's full name. Unfortunately, brass band singles turned out not to be as popular as some bright spark thought they were going to be, so they went back to playing in the local park bandstand.

Next Contributory Negligence.

1110441.  Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:28 pm Reply with quote

Contributory Negligence is an a-capella singing group formed of lawyers and financial high-flyers from the City of London. They do cover versions of popular songs, usually with a money-related theme, with absolutely no sense of irony, such as ABBA's Money, money, money and so forth.
They have never been know to perform for charity.

And now a big QI cheer please for Blue Blistering Barnacles

Big Martin
1110976.  Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:50 am Reply with quote

Blue Blistering Barnacles were a sea shanty group, complete with matching Arran sweaters and yachting caps. However, they decided to try to go back to the un-bowdlerdized versions of the sea shanties, which made them popular at some sorts of events, but led to a deluge of complaints when someone at the BBC booked them to appear on a programme well before the "watershed". They were last spotted propping up the bar en masse at the Village Pump Folk Festival several years ago. Rumour has it that they're still standing in the field wondering why it's all gone quiet and they can't get a pint of Oldsox Fallover.

Next Vintage Car Collection.


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