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'M' series section?

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1180531.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:45 am Reply with quote

About a month ago, there were like 10 threads in there. Now, the number of threads is in the hundreds or thousands. This happened a while ago, but I was wondering why?
Were some of the threads in the R.I.P section moved because they werent really R.I.P threads?

Does anyone know?

Alfred E Neuman
1180545.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:43 am Reply with quote

There are many threads that are used by the elves which are not visible to the general users. My guess is that as the shows where those topics are discussed air, the threads are suddenly visible to us mere mortals.

1180653.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:03 pm Reply with quote

Actually, that doesn't happen any more.

Once upon a time, the "secret" threads did used to be made visible to you mere mortals after the relevant season had finished. But that no longer happens, for two main reasons.

1. Those threads need some review before they can be opened to the world, in case there's anything there which shouldn't be said in public. (The scurrilous and the libelous, but also things like people's contact details. I know I once posted the cellphone number of an American academic who was the source for an obscure fact, and that guy would not thank us if we shared his number with the world.)

And when it comes down to it, the Management have better things to do than to sit around censoring old posts.

2. Not everything that gets discussed in the "secret" threads gets used for the show. But the stuff that doesn't get used might perhaps get its chance at a later date, so that powder needs to be kept dry.

The M Series Talk section which everyone can see is for everyone to contribute to, and the time when there were "like 10 threads in there" was nearly two years ago.

The Elves didn't post their own secret ideas there - there's a separate secret section for that - but it does all get read, and some of it does make its way onto the show.

The Elves are currently busy preparing for N Series. They've gotten to the stage of compiling shows from the hundreds of N-related questions at their disposal, which means that N for Now would be a good time if anyone does have any N-related information that we really need to know!

1180660.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:14 pm Reply with quote

There does seem to have been a sudden flurry of zombie-thread posting, though. Several seriously old threads are suddenly getting new posts - is it just that new visitors are searching for a topic, adding comments and not looking at the dates on the posts they're responding to?


1180665.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:28 pm Reply with quote

I think that's it PDR.

1180692.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:57 pm Reply with quote

Or, as I suspect will be the case with this Walter chappy, they'll be edited to add tinned meat product at a later date.

1180695.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:58 pm Reply with quote

I haven't spotted that yet, Bondee. Got a link?

Alfred E Neuman
1180698.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:02 pm Reply with quote

I got the same feeling the Bondee has when I read the first post, but am no longer so sure.

1180699.  Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:04 pm Reply with quote

Not yet, but the signs are there. None of "his" posts seem to have anything to do with the thread they're in and "his" profile seems to fit the usual spammers M.O. (AIM and ICQ contact details).

Maybe I'm being overcautious, but going on past experience it looks likely.

1180822.  Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:35 pm Reply with quote

Please will somebody give me a link to one of these posts so I can check it out?

1180843.  Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:38 pm Reply with quote

This chap...

There's one at the top of this very page.

1180927.  Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:36 am Reply with quote

Yes I've found him now. Nothing dire as yet, but judging by the email address and the slightly odd posts it does look like spam-in-the-making. Still, can't ban the guy for offences he hasn't committed yet and it could be newbie errors, though I doubt it.


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