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60790.  Sun Mar 19, 2006 7:59 am Reply with quote

What is late?

A: 10 minutes and 17 seconds.

A 2005 survey conducted by psychologist Donna Dawson has concluded that Brits admit their tardiness an average of10 minutes and 17 seconds after their allotted appointment.

During that time, two people will be admitted to accident and emergency with gardening related injuries, three couples will divorce, and 3,804 if us will get on an airplane.

10% of us are exceptionally bad manned and will take half an hour before calling to apologise.

Women tend to be later than men, with nearly 70% more women than men believing it more acceptable to be late on a first date in order to appear ‘less desperate’.

The top three excuses for lateness are: “My train was delayed, my plumbing broke and I had a car accident.’


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