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Dental Floss (or just daring escapes in general)

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62397.  Wed Mar 29, 2006 5:09 am Reply with quote

Question: How might one use dental floss to escape from prison?


Question: [hands panellists a dental floss, a potato, a green felt-tip, chilli powder] How would you use these to escape from prison?

Answer: By sawing through the bars/ carving into a pistol/ colouring in your jumpsuit to disguise yourself as a doctor/ throw into the face of the guard.

Dental floss has been an integral part of oral hygiene for as long as there have been humans, in fact dental floss and toothpick grooves have been found in the teeth of prehistoric humans. However, for a criminal wanting to escape from a Turin jail, it proved a very useful tool.

Vincenzo Curcio, an Italian Mafioso convicted of one murder and arranging seven others, flossed his way to freedom in 2000 by painstakingly using dental floss to saw through the bars. The jail, built in the 1970s was designed with outside terrorist attacks in mind rather than breakouts, and as such the bars were made of iron low in carbon which were ductile, but unfortunately easy to saw through.

Once Curcio had sawn through the bars, he tied bedsheets together, shimmied to the ground and scaled the jail fence.

Dental floss is not the only unusual item which has been used to escape from jail. Steven Russell, who has become something of a celebrity with his repeated prison-breaks, once used a green felt-tip to colour in his white jump-suit in order to disguise himself as a doctor and escape from the Estelle Unit in Houston.

Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj escaped from India’s Tihar jail in the early 70s by lacing sweets with poison, and offering them to his captor, while still in the subcontinent, 5 prisoners escaped from a prison in Pakistan in 1997 by throwing chilli power in the eyes of the prison officer.

Ibrahim Krasmiqi escaped from high security, San Vittore jail in Milan using spoons to break through the crumbling plaster in his cell and bed sheets to scale the wall.

Gangster John Dillinger reportedly once escaped from prison by carving a potato into the shape of a pistol.,,178589,00.html

Post unusual escape stories here:

65261.  Thu Apr 13, 2006 12:36 pm Reply with quote

Garrick has cleared the use of the image associated with this:

US Judge Jack Love was inspired to invent electronic tagging in 1983, when he read a comic strip in which Spiderman was fitted with a radar bracelet by the villainous 'Kingpin', who wanted to keep track of Spiderman's whereabouts. Jack Love turned the idea on its head, and intended it to ease prison overcrowding by making house arrest more easily monitorable. By 1990, 41 US states were electronically tagging convicts, and the idea has now spread worldwide. Fitting policemen with web-guns, however, has not.

65912.  Mon Apr 17, 2006 10:32 am Reply with quote

I wonder whether Spiderman merits its own question, perhaps with the Wonder Woman/Lie Detector inventor as its note.

66029.  Tue Apr 18, 2006 5:28 am Reply with quote

I think so, would "who was the first person to be electronically tagged?" give enough leeway for the panellists to work? If not, any ideas for a question?


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