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Frederick The Monk
59760.  Tue Mar 14, 2006 11:23 am Reply with quote

Question: Where can you see Dave Clark, Bonk, Heidi and Dora?

Where can you watch Sean Connery, Wanke, Charlie Parker and Jerry Lewis?

Where can you watch James Bond Dick Jane Austen and Robin Hood?

...and so on - all suggestions welcome.

Forfeits: On the I expect........

Answer: In the night sky - They are all minor planets.

Notes: (15887) Daveclark, (14965) Bonk,(2521) Heidi,(668) Dora.

There are ten 'Daves'
(22151) Davebracy, (5748) Davebrin, (33750) Davehiggins, (6111) Davemckay, (5952) Davemonet, (6953) Davepierce, (6435) Daveross, (27810) Daveturner, (13808) Davewilliams

as well as:
(18932) Robinhood, (69961) Millosevich, (2829) Bobhope, (7328) Casanova, (13070) Seanconnery, (5762) Wanke, (453) Tea, (3904) Honda, (17627) Humptydumpty, (9941) Iguanodon, (9949) Brontosaurus, (9778) Isabelallende, (4479) Charlieparker, (9007) James Bond, (39415) Janeausten, (11548) Jerrylewis, (19367) Pink Floyd, (5878) Charlene, (6042) Cheshirecat, (4735) Gary, (16452) Goldfinger, (3742) Sunshine, (17458) Dick

Minor Planets
Minor planets, or planetoids are minor bodies of the Solar system orbiting the Sun (or of other planetary systems orbiting other stars) that are larger than meteoroids (the largest of which might be taken to be around 10 meters or so across) but smaller than major planets (Mercury having a diameter of about 4880 km). The term minor planet is sometimes used as a synonym for asteroid though this is technically incorrect; asteroids are one group of minor planets, a category which also includes Trans-Neptunian objects and other small bodies in our solar system and elsewhere.

Naming Minor Planets
Names are judged by the fifteen-person Committee for Small-Body Nomenclature (formerly the Small Bodies Names Committee) of the International Astronomical Union, comprised of professional astronomers (with research interests connected with minor planets and/or comets) from around the world.

Proposed names should be:
- 16 characters or less in length (including any spaces or punctuation)
- preferably one word
- pronounceable (in some language)
- non-offensive
- not too similar to an existing name of a minor planet or natural planetary satellite
- Names for persons or events known primarily for their military or political activities are acceptable only after 100 years elapsed since the person died or the event occurred.
- Names of pet animals are discouraged.
- Names of a purely or principally commerical nature are not allowed.

Minor planets in certain dynamical groups should be named within more restrictive guidelines. For example,
- Trojan asteroids (those that librate in 1:1 resonance with Jupiter) are named for heroes of the Trojan War (Greeks at L4 and Trojans at L5).
- Trans-Jovian planets crossing or approaching the orbit of a giant planet but not in a stabilizing resonance are named for centaurs
- Objects crossing or approaching the orbit of Neptune and in stabilizing resonances other than 1:1 are given mythological names associated with the underworld.
- Objects sufficiently outside Neptune's orbit that orbital stability is reasonably assured for a substantial fraction of the lifetime of the solar system are given mythological names associated with creation.
- Objects that approach or cross Earth's orbit are given mythological names.

Links to: DORA/ Dwarves/ just about anyone beginning with 'D'/


Pictures/Props: Before - a 'What the Butler Saw' machine; AFTER - Any images of these asteroids. NASA images of asteroids are FREE!


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59827.  Tue Mar 14, 2006 2:12 pm Reply with quote


Committee for Small-Body Nomenclature (formerly the Small Bodies Names Committee)

That's funny in itself.

59924.  Wed Mar 15, 2006 5:35 am Reply with quote

So did they come up with the name "Andy Hamilton"?

59935.  Wed Mar 15, 2006 6:12 am Reply with quote

See? A gag already.

Link to 'dwarves'.

Frederick The Monk
63090.  Fri Mar 31, 2006 11:31 am Reply with quote

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