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What do the delicacies Spanish Dog soup, Digby Chick and Bombay Duck have in common?

A: The ingredients of the dishes are all fish.

Spanish Dog soup – or Caldillo de Perro –originates from the Port of Santa Maria in Cadiz and is made from hake (merluza), oranges, lemons, garlic and olive oil.
Canadian Digby Chick, which comes from Digby, Nova Scotia, is a smoked herring dish, so named because the early British settlers couldn’t afford chicken for Christmas lunch in the early 1780’s.
Bombay Duck, or bummalo, is a fish caught in the waters between Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and Kutch in the Arabian Sea. The fish is frequently dried and salted before it is eaten. Noone quite knows how it got its name, but it is thought that in the days of the British Raj, the pungent fish was transported by rail in the “Bombay Dak” (the “Bombay Mail”) and that the train’s compartments would stink to high heaven.
The Bombay Duck caused controversy in 1997 when the European Union tried to ban its import, due to dissatisfaction over food safety regulations. However, after a vocal campaign by Bombay Duck lovers who scoffed 13 tonnes of the stuff each year, the EU amended their regulations, provided the dish was packaged according to certified standards.


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